A viral video of Gunna speaking about his cousin's murder charge, from way before the fame, caught everybody's renewed attention this week, leading many to comment on whether or not the rapper is a snitch because of it. Gunna addressed the topic on The Breakfast Club, denying the fact that he stopped any crimes and claiming to not be about that life.

This week, Freddie Gibbs seemingly spoke about the video, claiming that anybody who appears on a Crime Stoppers type show is a snitch. A bunch of media outlets, including ours, assumed that Gangsta Gibbs was talking about Gunna. Given the timing, it made sense. However, he has since spoken out and said that it was just a general statement.

Clapping back at DJ Akademiks after he called the post "ignorant," Freddie Gibbs denied dissing Gunna.

"Akademiks, you a bitch, let's get that out of the way," said the rapper right off the bat. "Secondly, I do that feel that way. If a n***a go on a Crime Stopper show, or any kind of show, to me that's some snitch shit. To me, personally. You got your opinion."

He went on to say that people ran with the narrative that he was calling out Gunna when, in reality, that was not the case.

"Thirdly, I ain't saying no n***as names or call no n***as out or nothing. Y'all saying these n***as names," he added. "That's y'all calling out the crime stoppers... I'm just speaking my mind, fuck boy."

There you have it. It was just a general statement all along.