Freddie Gibbs has always been one to speak his mind, and the Pinata lyricist has proven a formidable foe for anyone who dares draw his ire. Yet in the midst of quietly outrapping a fair portion of the game, Gangsta Gibbs has flown somewhat under the radar, opting to move only when provoked. Yet it would appear he has felt compelled to issue a stance, in the wake of The Game's recent "Kiss & Tell" expose, in which he reflected on previous sexual trysts with Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Joe Budden's fiance Cyn Santana. 

One Twitter user highlighted a report on Game's admission of his past relationship with Cyn, prompting Gibbs to chime in. "Blood been corny tho so why we surprised?" writes Gibbs, brushing off Game's antics with a simple wave of the hand. It's unclear how The Game will take the criticism, though given his temper and propensity for penning hundreds upon hundreds of retaliatory bars, it wouldn't be surprising. In fact, the timing for an exchange of lyrical shots has never been better, as both parties have albums on the horizon.

It's unclear where Gibbs' animosity originally stemmed from, though the implication suggests it's been lying dormant for a minute. While a history between Game and Gibbs appears more or less non-existence, Gibbs and Joe Budden are homies, as evidenced by the following Tweet. Perhaps Gibbs is simply holding it down for the Budden family. In any case, it would be interesting to see both parties head to the booth, as they've proven equally capable of penning magnificent diss tracks. Who would you place your money on?