Freddie Gibbs saw a bit of drama last night after capping off a successful performance at Rough Trade in Brooklyn. After the show ended, the rapper was shot at multiple times although thankfully he suffered no significant injuries, but two members of his entourage can't say the same.

The NY Post reports that Gangsta Gibbs and two other members of his entourage were sitting in his black SUV at North 9th Street near Wythe Avenue when shots were fired at his vehicle. Gibbs thought he was the intended target of the shots, although he left unharmed. Reports say Gibbs' DJ was hit in the leg, while another victim was hit in the hand. A law enforcement source says that it was a single gunman involved, and he opened fire at around 1:13 AM.

Gibbs reportedly told the NY Post outside of Rough Trade, "They tried to kill Tupac. They tried to kill me. I’m still alive." He also took to Instagram after the shooting to write, "Yep. Still livin. Thanks NYC."

Both victims were brought to Bellevue Hospital and are currently in stable condition. No arrests have been made, but we'll keep you updated.

[Update: Gibbs Disses Jim Jones Following Shooting]

Prior to the shooting last week, Freddie Gibbs had made some comments about Jim Jones' authenticity, claiming he wasn't a real gang member. This lead to speculation that Jones (a New York resident) could have been involved in the Brooklyn shooting.

A fan mentioned this possibility to Gibbs on Twitter, who responded with another diss towards Jones. The rapper suggested that Jones could not have been involved because he's "too pussy".

As far as we know, there are still no leads on who was responsible for the shooting. Read Gibbs' tweet below.