It's been a world wind of a week when it comes to the numerous tweets sent out by Kanye West. When the man of the hour first hopped back on the social media platform, fans we're jumpin' with the album updates and Yeezy news. Things started to change when he praised Candace Owens, called Donald Trump his brother and said Barack Obama didn't do anything for Chicago. This tweet alone is a little off-putting. 

Frank Ocean has since made a post on his favorite social platform of choice, Tumblr, to remind us of the old Kanye - the Kanye that seemed to not support anyone who showed racist behaviour. Frank posted a screenshot of 2005 Kanye saying that the president at the time, George W. Bush “doesn’t care about black people.” Ye hopped on national television next to Mike Myers criticizing the former president on his response to Hurricane Katrina.

Frank shared the post with no title or caption and it seems to be speaking for itself just fine. Check it out.