The Twitterverse appears to be concerned and maybe even a little bewildered over Kanye's latest tweet. Kanye West praised a known conservative commentator Candace Owens. For those who are unfamiliar, Owens is a political pundit that makes the rounds on Conservative airwaves where she provides right-leaning commentary to offset left-leaning or liberal remarks. Her twitter bio describes her, and I quote, as a "lover of toxic masculinity."

Kanye followed his endorsement of Candace Owens with another tweet that simply read "only free thinker." It's unknown whether Kanye is expressing conservative or merely commending disparate views in America. For what it's worth, his fans make up a fairly "liberal" umbrella and were displeased with his announcement. A few Twitter users even went out of their way to pull out Candace's record of "transgressions." Another well-followed Twitter user reminded fans that Candace was a Police Brutality Apologist.

News of his public endorsement rapidly made its way toward Owens who retweeted and then responded with pure elation. Candace confessed her admiration for Kanye, unmasking herself as an avid fan. She then suggested they take a private meeting to discuss their relative views. Stay glued to twitter, the storm has barely started.