It's been a minute since Frank Ocean came through with some new music. Fans have been eagerly waiting for him to release his follow-up to his 2016 critically acclaimed album, Blonde. He's yet to make any formal announcements on any new music but rumors hit the Internet earlier this week saying his project Endless will finally make its way to streaming services. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

Frank Ocean recently made his Instagram page public and has been quietly looking through the 'Gram. @frankoceanblonded, a Frank Ocean fan page, posted a screenshot of a tweet from Billboard saying the project will be making its way to streaming services. However, Frank Ocean quickly slid in the comment section with a "Fake News" along with lightning bolt emojis.

The report was initially made by Billboard last week who said their sources told them the video album was making its way onto streaming services as early as Jan 25th. However, other sources told them that it's been pushed back but will be available for streaming in the near future.

Endless has an interesting story behind it. The project was released a day before Blonde but the project fulfilled "Frank's obligations to Def Jam and Universal" which ultimately meant that he was free to release Blonde independently through his own record label, Boys Don't Cry.