The WWE community has lost another one of its own within a matter of hours. Brian Christopher Lawler, the son of wrestling legend Jerry "The King" Lawler, has passed away at the tender age of 46. He had hung himself while confined to a Memphis jail cell. Back in June, Lawler was tracked down by authorities after skipping out on an unpaid hotel bill. His most recent arrest came a month later when he was arrested on a DUI. A good number of WWE personnel and talent expressed their condolences this afternoon after receiving confirmation of his death. TMZ had previously reported that he was on life support after his attempted suicide. Upon discovery, his lifeless body was rushed to a medical facility where he showed the last of his vital signs.

Lawler was a cherished member of the tag-team division during the WWE's attitude era. His "Grandmaster Sexay" gimmick with tag-team member Scott "Scotty 2 Hotty" Garland, was a crowd favorite during the company's most profitable run. When in character Brian and Scott became the lovable duo of "Too Cool," and competed against the very best the company had to offer in Edge & Christian, The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz, and the venerable Rock 'N' Sock Connection.