"How nigga? My last album was The Chronic." Sure, it took Dre almost seven years to follow up his classic debut with another album, but along the way, he became one of the industry's biggest moguls. He discovered Slim Shady and built an empire around him with Aftermath (and Shady) Records. 

Now, we find ourselves in a similar situation. At this point, no one's anxiously awaiting the Detox release. Never say never, but it looks like that ship has sailed. Still, don't say you forgot about Dre. The Compton rapper/producer/actor/billionaire has been making some quiet moves the past five years. And a lot of money. And don't forget he made the same moves with K-Dot he did with Em almost 20 years ago. 

We break down what the D.R.E. has been up to over the past five years, and, believe it or not, there's been some music along the way.