Flavor Flav is in the deep right now. According to legal documents obtained by @BOSSIP, Flavor Flav née William Jonathan Drayton Jr, owes the IRS a whopping 3.1 million dollars. This total accounts for unpaid taxes between 2005 and 2015, of which most of this debt was accrued during the 2007 filming of Flavor of Love, which ultimately didn't net him a love interest either.

If Flav doesn't start making his minimum payments in accordance with law, the government will start seizing his property. A lot of entertainers see their earnings split up by an innumerable amount of expenses and productions somewhere in the ball park of sixty to seventy percent of their revenue. That includes paying managers, publicists, agents, lawyers, and travel, all of which are more or less tax deductible.

Now moreso than ever would be a a good time to patch things up Chuck D, and get back on the money train. It's hard to feel buyer's remorse, but if you rocked with Public Enemy, or were in their crosshairs, send Flavor Flav a quick prayer.

[via theShadeRoom]