New York rapper Fivio Foreign is going viral following his latest interview, during which he spoke about some of the freakiest things he's ever done in his life. 

Speaking with influencer SupaDupaHumble for his interview series Dirty Street Confessions, the "Big Drip" rapper recalled some of his wildest sexual experiences, revealed what he searches for on Pornhub, and more.

One of the most absurd stories that Fivio told involves his sister's sister from her father's side, whom he had sex with while their mutual sister was in the same room.

"My sister, she been left the house, she came back and spent the night in my house with her sister from her father's side," said Fivio. "She wanted to f*ck me, I was a kid, I was, like, in high school. My sister's sister, she wasn't related to me. I f*cked her. But let me tell you why it was the worst... because my sister was in the room and it was nighttime, we were all asleep, sleepover thing, and I had to go viral on her and I just felt like I shouldn't have did it."

Do you think he's telling the full story? Fivio also spoke about the time he had a threesome with a pregnant woman, calling that the "freakiest thing" he's ever done. In the same interview, Fivio talks about how he enjoys eating ass, his Pornhub search preferences, and much more about his sex life.

This comes after the same interviewer spoke with Meek Mill this week. Read about that here.