The next step in recreational marijuana use is upon us, and that’s public consumption. The first ever cannabis cafe in the United States has opened this week in Los Angeles, allowing people to smoke right in the public restaurant. Named Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe, it will be the first farm-to-table restaurant that highlights cuisine and cannabis.

Guests will be able to smoke marijuana at the cafe using joints, pipes and bongs. The 5,900-square foot space will have both a smoking and non-smoking patio, and the entire indoor space is a designated smoking area.The cafe will have its own version of a sommelier, which it is calling "tableside flower service." A Lowell Farms "flower host" will discuss the different strains available and explain their flavors and effects.

Edibles will also be available for consumption. "Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe was created because we believed there needed to be a destination for everyone to openly enjoy cannabis in the community," the cafe said in a statement. "Lowell Cafe is a welcoming space for those who are cannabis connoisseurs and those who are canna-curious and looking to experience cannabis in a welcoming atmosphere.”

At Lowell Farms, head chef Andrea Drummer created a menu that is reflective of California flavors, and it features seasonal dishes that are complementary to the effects of THC. Because of current cannabis legislation, the restaurant says, its dishes will not be infused with cannabis. "In harmony with the West Hollywood community, the restaurant will offer a first-of-its-kind nightlife experience," a spokeswoman told CNN. "Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe will serve as a welcoming and safe environment for all to enjoy and learn about consumption in the newly legal world of cannabis.”

Lowell Cafe’s owners insist that smoky air will not be a problem because they installed a robust air-filtration system, which is also required by law. The ventilation actually sucks air from the consumption areas and filters it through a charcoal scrubbing system before releasing it. The system uses vents, ducts, filters, fans, and motors similar to the systems used in casinos and chemical labs, according to co-owner Sean Black.

Lowell Cafe is located at 1201 N La Brea Ave, West Hollywood, CA. Must be 21 year or older to enter.