After security failed to live up to billing at one of Omarion's recent shows at a club, two men who were accosted by "thugs" are now suing the singer. 

TMZ has reported that two men who attended O's show at Ole Bar & Grill in Newburgh, New York, were forced by security into the parking lot of the venue where they were victims of unprovoked attacks.  The men, Brunel Jordonne and Kenson Sainvilus have filed the suit against the bar, and the MMG singer.   

Apparently the event was promoted as having "tight security," but when fights broke out, many patrons were forced by security into the parking lot and the altercations escalated quickly where the men sustained kicks and punches to the head.  The lawsuit is for unspecified damages. 

[Update: Singer Says He's Not Liable For The Attack]

TMZ caught up with Omarion to get an update on the situation, and while the singer expressed sympathy for the victims, he felt that security is a responsibility of the venue and not the artist.

"I'm not liable for anything that has to do with the club." he said, indicating that he is the wrong person to sue in this situation.

"It's unfortunate that whoever is trying to get some money out of it ain't smart enough to know what to do," he added, "but it ain't got nothin' to do with me."

The O singer declared that if the victims want compensation, they will have to look elsewhere. "I got bread ... but they ain't gettin' none of it."

Watch the full interview below.