The Breakfast Club is one of the most must-see interview programs for fans of hip-hop music and the surrounding culture. With daily guests often offering viral takes on their careers, you never know what will be said when DJ Envy, Chalamagne, and Angela Yee are asking the questions. This morning, Famous Dex stopped by to discuss his affiliation to Rich The Kid, his opinion on RTK's beef with Lil Uzi Vert and his history of domestic abuse.

Noting that she was reluctant in inviting Dexter onto the show because of his past, Yee allowed the rapper to express his remorse over his past of domestic abuse. Starting off the interview, Dex dug into the controversial topic right away and appeared apologetic over the incident, noting that he has learned from his mistakes and that the altercation "didn't go far." One of the more interesting remarks from his interview comes when the hosts ask how he met Rich The Kid. Dex responded, "Uzi put me on" to Rich, elaborating that whatever beef the two have does not involve him. "Uzi is my boy, Rich is my brother. I don't got nothing to do with whatever they got going on." 

Allotting time to speak about his stage performances and the loss of his mother, Dex delved further into the bizarre Uzi-Rich situation. Check out the full video and watch our exclusive interview with him below.