Last week, Dak Prescott was the subject of plenty of memes thanks to his bizarre pre-game warmup where he is moving his hips and thrusting them angrily while motioning to throw the football. Many Twitter users turned this clip into a music video where Dak could be seen dancing to various different songs. In the end, everyone had a pretty good laugh and no one was hurt by the dumb fun being had. Yesterday, Ezekiel Elliott decided to join in on the fun as he mimicked Dak's movements after scoring a touchdown against the Detroit Lions.

As you can see in the clip below, Elliott gets into the endzone with ease and immediately begins thrusting his hips and adjusting his arm to make it look like he going to throw the ball.

Prescott seemed pretty enthused about the celebration as he rushed into the endzone and jumped into Elliott as a sign of solidarity. It was a pretty great moment between teammates and the internet was equally excited about it all. Not to mention, yesterday was a huge game for the Cowboys as they needed to beat the Lions and reestablish themselves in the NFC East.

Heading into the last six games of the season, the Cowboys sit at a record of 6-4 and lead the division by one game.