Earlier this summer, Eminem's new film project, Bodied, released an intense trailer to the public. Showcasing the dynamism, intimidation factor and gut-punching energy of battle rapping, Em brought the producers of 8 Mile on board, as well as director Joseph Kahn, in order to make what looks to be a wild ride through the underground hip-hop scene. Today, Mr. Mathers was sending even more hype the film's way, sharing a promo image of the poster for the movie ahead of a big night for him and his production team.


"Someone is going to get Bodied tonight," said Eminem, ahead of tonight's premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, which concludes its screenings next weekend. "Excited for the premiere of our flick with @josephkahn," continued the rapper, excitedly sharing the official poster work for the project. The iconic lyricist, who was known for using battle rap a means to polish his emcee skills before he broke into the mainstream, is putting Bodied in the same festival location as a bunch of other Oscar hopeful, including new dramas from Emma Stone, Steve Carrell and Jessica Chastain. There's no word on whether Em's movie will be taken into consideration for awards come the wintertime, but there's definitely a lot of fan buzz surrounding this premiere. Like 8 Mile before it, there's "crowd pleaser" written all over this one.

Of course, the biggest Eminem news as of late continues to be his rumored new album, which could be released at some point this fall. Last October, to coincide with the "Campaign Speech" drop, Eminem also admitted over Twitter that he was working on a new collection of songs. Another piece of confirmed news has been that there will be a 2 Chainz feature somewhere on that album, if and when it sees the light of day. Both rappers have been pictured together on social media and Chainz said in an interview that he definitely shared some studio time with the Slim Shady. Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin are among those who are allegedly involved in the project's production aspect, but not much more is known as of right now. All we can do is sit tight, buy a multiplex ticket and indulge in some festival season Bodied action.