Eminem narrowly edged out the Beatles to become the best selling artist of the last decade, and it seems he's still competing with the band, now matching a Billboard record previously set by the fab four.

Em is the first artist to have 4 singles simultaneously rank within the Billboard top 20 since 1964, with "Berzerk," "Rap God," "Survival" and "The Monster" all charting high. It should be noted that this is for "lead" artist, and not featured. 

Weirdly he's set a personal record as well, with "The Monster" being his very first song to top the R&B/Hip Hop charts. As confusing as this may seem, it turns out that the rap charts were based heavily on airplay previously (which apparently wasn't Em's strong suit, on hip hop stations at least), but now focus more on digital sales and streaming.

We'll have to wait and see if the album sales set any records.