Back in 2016, Young Thug released his project Jeffrey. The project's tracklist consisted of names of people he considered heroes including Kanye West, Harambe, Gucci Mane and more. However, the initial tracklist featured a song titled "Elton John." Unfortunately, that song never made the tracklist but there were rumors in 2016 that Thugger remixed Elton John's classic hit "Rocket Man." This proved to be true this summer when the song leaked before an official version landed on On The Rvn. Elton John recently played Thug's new track, "High" on his Beats1 show and praised the ATLien for putting his own spin on the song.

Elton John doesn't typically play his own music on his Beats1 show, "Rocket Hour," but he made an exception this week. The legendary singer played Young Thug's "High" off of On The Rvn which samples Elton John's "Rocket Man." However, before he did that, he praised Young Thug for what he did with the classic song.

"Young Thug, who I love and have met. He dropped a track. It's a remix of 'Rocket Man,' he said. "And I don't usually play my own stuff on this show but this is so cool and so good. These things are the great surprises in what I do. Sometimes you hear something that you never knew was going to happen or never thought was going to happen in a million years."

Peep the clip below.