The "Boo'd Up" singer is ready to capitalize off her success, a year-in. The UK singer made a tragically American song from an outsider's perspective, and nobody could cite the difference. With her smash single still buzzing around charts, Ella is prepared to send a 2nd record straight up the loft ladder. "Trip" will debut on August the 3rd (next week) days before he sets off on her "Boo’d Up Tour" in the state of Texas.

By the looks of the cover art, Ella Mai will be providing the listener an intimate spatial arrangement like she did on "Boo'd Up." For all intents and purposes "Trip" could be about an escapist, romantic fantasy. One the other end of the spectrum, Ella could be telling someone to keep their distance. Then again, her eyes looked clouded by something completely out of pocket.

Just this week, Ella became the first UK singer since Lisa Stansfield to top the U.S. R&B charts. Ella Mai had yet to be born when Stansfield charted in 1992. "Boo'd Up" has held down the spot for 2 weeks and counting, fending off competition from Drake's "Don't Matter To Me" and Childish Gambino's "Summertime Magic."

Keep it peeled.