Claudia Ochoa Felix, a close associate of El Chapo, was mysteriously found dead this past weekend. She did not wake up after a night with someone who is believed to be a romantic partner. The 35-year-old was allegedly the leader of El Chapo’s assassin unit and has been seen in past pictures holding some fancy accessories, along with pink AK-47s. What’s more interesting, is that many believe she resembles Kim Kardashian. Some have even gone as far to call her the “Kim Kardashian of organized crime.”

Back in 2014, Ms. Ochoa Felix went viral after posting pictures of herself with black and gold automatic weapons, along with the previously mentioned pink AK-47. In other pictures she can be seen sitting on a couch with some wine, while surrounded by masked men holding guns. It was suspected that she was at a headquarters of the Sinaloa drug cartel called Los Ántrax, however, she denied all allegations. She tweeted that the claims were “cowardly lies and slander.”

STR/AFP/Getty Images

Ochoa Felix’s official cause of death is still unknown, however, there are suspicions of drug overdose or pulmonary aspiration. According to the prosecutor, there was alcohol and other substances found in her body, and she died of suffocation.