As mentioned yesterday, custody battles are messy; and this one has been a rollercoaster. During a custody battle for his step-daughter Angel, Stephen Belafonte said that her biological father, Eddie Murphy is "not interested" in being present in the young girl's life. This was a statement during the on-going fallout between Belafonte and his ex-wife, Mel B. It turns out that the statement was untrue.

The custody battle appears to have brought out the worst in the involved parties. After Mel B tried to distance Belafonte from Angel, he took matters to court. However, after his comments on Murphy were made public, a photo surfaced of the comedian and his daughter. The father and daughter look happy in a closely-cropped photo, most-likely to maintain privacy.

This photo isn't dated either. Judging from Angel's hairstyle, this is a fairly recent encounter. Mel B unveiled the hair through a photo on Instagram with the caption, "My baby girl Angel is loving loving loving her colorful braids yipppeee thank you Lashantay your the best." We're glad the news surrounding Murphy was untrue, and he was merely avoiding the conflict of Mel and Stephen in court.

[via Perez Hilton]