Over the last year, Dwight Howard has been unable to escape the rumors surrounding his personal life and sexual orientation. It was revealed near the end of 2018 that Howard had been having sexual relations with trans men although, at the time, it was all allegations coming from YouTube star Masin Elije. Elije also alleged that Howard has been harassing him ever since he refused to sign an NDA about their relationship. The YouTube star launched a lawsuit against Howard in relation to these allegations although Howard has come back with a countersuit of his own.

Recently, Howard accused Elije of ghosting the case altogether and not providing the proper evidence. According to Bossip, Elije is clapping back at Howard with a new motion asking for the judge to continue on with the case. Elije maintains he provided all of the proper evidence and even served Howard with legal papers which is something the NBA star has denied.

Katharine Lotze/Getty Images

Despite these new motions, Howard is still going through with his $10 million countersuit which states the Lakers star doesn't even know Elije. Howard also says the allegations have hurt him both physically and mentally which is part of the reason he is seeking so much money. A judge has yet to decide if any of these suits will go to court, so we will be sure to update you on any new developments.

With Howard mounting an impressive career comeback with the Los Angeles Lakers, this is probably the last thing he ever wanted to deal with.