They were once one of those Hollywood couples that would make people write "#goals," but now Duane Martin and wife Tisha Campbell-Martin are embroiled in a messy divorce. Last year, after 22 years of marriage, the couple announced that they broke up and since then, the process of splitting up has been on a downward spiral. Duane has filed for bankruptcy and Tisha accuses him of having a $2 million he's hiding from creditors. He's denied those allegations, but it's the accusations of domestic violence that have him on edge.

In court documents obtained by The BlastDuane calls his estranged wife a liar who "manufactured a false claim of alleged domestic violence against the Co-Debtor which they filed with the police. Even Co-Debtor’s family law attorney would not sign his name on such a claim. The police saw the claim for what it was and did not pursue it," adding, "Additional falsehoods were presented to the Family Law court in order for the Co-Debtor to obtain custody of their children. When it was clear that these falsehoods were not going to work, they were dropped and custody was awarded 50-50 to both parents."

Duane also writes in the court documents that Tisha only made claims of domestic violence because she's trying to break him financially, having already "illegally removed" his name from their bank accounts. "However, on April 17, 2018 the situation changed. This is because Co-Debtor was preparing her assault on the Debtor in her divorce proceeding. In an attempt to exert undue influence on her husband of 27 years, she and her brother Stanley Campbell, who was ousted from the police force in Oklahoma, took possession of the residuals."

He also accuses her brother of "illegally recording his conversations" and intimidating him into turning over information. "Two weeks ago, Stanley flew to New York. While there, he exerted undue influence, bullying and obtained private financial information of my mother and me. He then turned over his ill-gotten gains to the Trustee a week ago through emails. Stanley is getting more aggressive and using police databases illegally."

Documents state that Tisha doesn't believe Duane should have any sort of custody of their two children, while Duane wants the lawsuit against him dismissed. Tisha was also granted a restraining order against her ex this past January.