Back in November of 2018, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green got into a highly-publicized argument which some feel was the beginning of the end of Durant's tenure in Golden State. During the offseason, Durant left the team to go play with the Brooklyn Nets and theories as to why KD left have been circulating ever since

When Durant and Green got into it, KD's brother Tony issued a statement on his Instagram story although it was quickly deleted. In the story, Tony criticizes Draymond for being a bad teammate and letting his "true colors" shine. Green wasn't a big fan of those comments and almost a year later, Green is letting that anger out.

In a recent Instagram post, Tony shared a photo of him, his mom, KD, and his newborn son with the caption "Really the American Dream!" That's when Green chimed in with some words of his own.

"You talked a lot of bulls— about me.... all good doe... This pic brings me great JOY.... however this is not the American dream... it's OUR dream," Green wrote.

The comments caught fans a bit off guard and Green was hit with multiple replies saying this wasn't the time to say something. We know there has been some tension amongst Green and Durant for a while now but it seems as though things have moved to family relations.

Once these two play against each other in a season from now, it's going to be a grudge match.