With an epic release calendar set for next month, there is still minimal information available on one of its biggest releases. One of the first to announce his release month of June, Drake revealed he was dropping Scorpion in an Instagram post, showing off a custom jacket with the news on the back. Aside from the name, release date, and executive producers, not much has been made public regarding the project so any sort of statement about Scorpion feels exciting and fresh. Radio host Kenny Burns has been spending time with Drake as seen on his Instagram profile, and it appears as though he's also heard the upcoming album. 

Burns chimed in on his show about what exactly he knows about Scorpion and, while he wasn't feeling ready to reveal much information, he did say that Drake is going to deliver "the project that you have been waiting for." The host remarks that fans of Drizzy's differing styles will be happy, claiming, "If you love the R&B Side and the rap side, this album is for you." Considering Drake as the king of rap, Kenny has high praise for the Canadian artist and, much like him, we couldn't be any more excited to see what the 6ix God has been cooking up.

As we wait for further information about the upcoming project, we'll have to take Kenny's word for it at this point. After all, he has been friends with the star for years and likely has all the inside scoop.