Drake's birthday celebration in his adopted home of Los Angeles was attended by the who's who of the local scene. Party-goers were encouraged to pick from a "bread basket" filled with 7-Eleven snackfood in accordance with the early 2000s "blockbuster" theme "they" executed on all fronts. Those who weren't present there when the clock struck "Birthday," passed along their message of goodwill, the morning of.  

French Montana showed up to the party bearing gifts (the night of), sent Drake a compensatory greeting the (day of) in the form of this flashback to "No Shopping," a record they planned "ad hoc" in a nightclub.

The Toronto Raptors also gave their "brand ambassador" a little shine on his 32nd. When Drake isn't tampering with NBA stars under contract with other teams, he can be found courtside at every Raptors home game, "as required by written contract."

Others joined the social media circus too, even John Calipari who once anointed him a "Wildcat" in a walk-on role, made sure to wish him all the best. The list of "well-wishers" goes on for acres. Some of the more notable birthday greetings are listed below: