The story behind Meek Mill's reconciliation effort with Drake is riddled with beautiful imperfections. The underlying message of "Going Bad" off Meek's new album is, like I said before, one of reconciliation. But according to an insider whom you know all too well, "Going Bad" almost never happened, because of Drake's alleged sluggishness on deadline day.

Apparently, Wayno of Complex's Everyday Struggle went to Meek's album launch party taking place the night of its release, and in doing so he learned some anecdotal information that might be of interest to hip-hop fans. First off, he was told Drake only submitted his verse at 5 pm Thursday, a mere seven hours before the drop, similar to his tardiness on the Astroworld project for his "Sicko Mode" submissions. 

Wayno admits to not giving the album hearty listen, due to a busy workload, but he does go into some detail regarding Jay-Z' verse on "What's Free" which he considers the very pinnacle of lyricism in 2019. It duly interested, he has a few more anecdotes to share, but none quite as compelling as hearing of Drake's 5 pm rush.

There is reason to believe Wayno is telling the truth. For one, Drake was late to the Raptors' game Thursday night. Secondly, Wayno wouldn't risk his reputation over information so insignificant. Last but not least, Wayno is one of Meek Mill's closest confidantes. All to say: if you want a Drake verse, you might have to play by his rules.