Before embarking on the Boy Meets World tour, Drake promised never to perform his Meek Mill diss record "Back to Back" again. However, on his new project More Life, the TDot rapper sends a few jabs at unnamed haters. People have speculated that some of these shots are meant for his long time Dreamchaser nemesis.

On the intro "Free Smoke" for example, Drizzy spits, "How you let the kid fightin' ghostwritin' rumors turn you to a ghost? Oh, you niggas got jokes." Of course, the Canadian kid has attracted many detractors over the years but Meek was the one who started the ghostwriting rumors.

More evidence comes up on "Lose You" when Drake goes, "All you did was write the book on garbage ass Rollies," on the song’s second verse. Meek is known for his love of Rolex watches. He continues, "Ego strokin’, picture postin’, claiming that you’d do it for motivational purposes only but you just had to show me." Meek Mill has a "Motivation" tattoo spelled out on his forearm.

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