Earlier this month, the first update from the upcoming trial between Hebrew Hustle, a music publishing company, and Drake was issued as the artist reportedly asked for all evidence about his net worth to be banned from use in court. He seemingly believes that if that information is revealed, it would influence the court in a certain direction. Also, it's pretty unsafe for that type of financial information to be disclosed when you're as wealthy as Drake. Now, a new report has been released as it appears the multi-platinum recording artist will be taking the stand during the trial.

Drake is currently being accused of ripping off a sample from "Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music II." In 2014, the estate of Jimmy Smith and Hebrew Hustle sued the Canadian for an unauthorized use of Smith's song on the track from Nothing Was The Same. Since then, Drizzy has denied that he stole the song, countersuing and accusing the publishers of damaging his brand. According to The Blast, Hebrew Hustle filed a witness list earlier this week and Drake is one of the main people that they would like to speak at the trial. Court documents state that Drake's appearance will not be pre-recorded so he will, indeed, be appearing in front of a live jury. Hopefully, they're not too starstruck.

The trial is currently scheduled to begin next month in New York. It's about time too, since this has been dragging on for years at this point.