Once upon a time, before becoming one of the most successful artists to ever live, Drake was an actor on a small-time Canadian show called Degrassi. If you're a Drake fan, you probably know this already but when you consider everything he has done over the last ten years, it's hard to believe he was ever on such a show. People develop and go on to do bigger and better things all the time, although this doesn't make Drake's meteoric rise to superstardom any less significant.

The Toronto rapper has never been shy to put on for his city or remember where he came from with a lighthearted fondness. Recently, Drake took to Instagram where he reminisced about his Degrassi days and how from time to time, he will get flashbacks about the show, usually at inopportune times.

"Sometimes when I am drunk and bored in the club I stare down and see degrassi scripts....no rap 🧢," Drake wrote.

For now, it doesn't seem like we will see Drake act in such a capacity again, although we're sure some of his day one fans would love to see him reprise his role as Jimmy Brooks. It will probably be a while before that ever happens again, though.