It's too early to tell, but Drake's controversial Beatles tattoo might prove to be the source of even stronger commercial powers. It seems as if every other day, Drizzy is finding new ways to conquer the charts; the man's already-released loosies still managed to outsell half the game in its first week. Care Package proved so successful that it even managed to secure the rapper his ninth number one album. Now, in the wake of its release, Billboard has confirmed that Drake has officially become the first solo artist to achieve over 200 total appearances on the Hot 100 charts. 

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Following the placement of six Care Package tracks, Drizzy found himself sitting pretty at 203. The only people to have more, and since they're not a solo artist the record is divided accordingly, is that unstoppable "Glee Cast," holding 207 placements in their vice-grip fingers. Seeing as Drake will likely release a new album in the imminent future (he is in "album mode," after all) the record seems all but destined to be broken.

Perhaps, when all is said and done, Drake will go down in history as one of the greatest to ever do it. Or at the very least, the most marketable to ever do it. That is, if the rampant Beatles fans don't get to him first. Congratulations to Drake for holding it down!