A little while back, there were reports that Drake had opened a new restaurant in Toronto, and while he attended the opening party for the dinner spot, his involvement in the business wasn't all that clear. Drizzy has now broken his silence on "Fring's," revealing that all he's contributed to it is the name.

In an interview with The New York Times, Drake shut down rumors that Fring was his nickname for Rihanna, offering an explanation for the title. "It’s just something you pull from your own emotions, from a happy time,” he said, crediting the phrase to the West-Indian slang that's ever-present in Toronto. “We’d say, ‘Last night you were so fringed... To get the real definition of Fring’s, you need to come to the restaurant. Ask a chef, ask a server, and everyone’s definition will be something different.”

As for the actual owners, they're just friends of Drake's who obviously don't mind the free publicity. You can read the full story here.