According to the IFPI, the organization that oversees Global sales data in the music industry, Drake was the runaway "Best Selling Artist" relative to Worldwide outreach. What differentiates the IFPI designation from Drake's other marked achievements in 2018, is the inclusion of the many listening platforms that are completely alien to North American consumers.

Drake has his knack for marketing to thank for the viral success of "God's Plan" which engendered a social movement centered around "positive altruism," while the release of "In My Feelings" was aided by the accompanying dance craze promulgated by Shiggy. Even the issuance of the "Nice For What" music video raised a timely social issue: that of female empowerment, enacted by a host of leading women.

At a standstill, the social embeddedness of each song made Scorpion all the more accessible to people on generalist terms. Before long, cattle ranchers in SouthEast Asia were taking part in the many crazes associated with the project, because in a sense: the science of FOMO knows no bounds. Drake clued in at a critical juncture of social evolution. Through deduction, Drake weighed the viral impact of each release before it hit the ground, like a ballplayer calling swish from their preferred sweet spot on the court.