When Lil Baby called dibs on the nascent Wheezy beat that became "Yes Indeed," he was merely hoping to complete his album with a little a dash of inexplicable "je sais.." Baby did his mental arithmetic, and Wheezy is orderly steps, and before they knew it, they had a hit record in the books, something which has eluded the talented rapper so far in his career.

Wheezy has production credits has worked with obscure artists in Atlanta, as well as more decorated "stars" such as Young Thug and 21 Savage. The producer sat down with Genius to recount the moment he realized Drake was perfect for "Yes Indeed," as well as a verbal account of his beat-making process. 

Wheezy started his deconstruction of "Yes Indeed" by shedding light on his relationship with Drizzy. Apparently the ATL producer was supposed to link up with Drake in Wyoming, all in the spirit of assisting Kanye West; We all know how that played out. Wheezy says he and Drake him worked diligently in each other's presence without as much as a formal introduction by their host.

Afterwards Drake felt silly for not reaching out:  "Bro I didn’t even fucking know that was you last night, bro. I feel so dumb, bro" he said to Wheezy via correspondence. Within a day of flying back to LA and their connection restored, Drizzy booked a one-on-one session with Wheezy, culminating in the creation of "Yes Indeed."

Wheezy began by pulling out his favorite "Purity" synth pad off FL Studio. Once "the sound" was secured, Wheezy added the drum pattern and the integrated flute sample.

The rest is history.