Collaboration rumors are often the products of fan bases going a little off the rails via social media (unless they become officially confirmed by the artist themselves or another credible source), but that doesn't mean they're not fun to talk about. Recently, fans of rappers Drake and Smokepurpp ignited some pretty intense fan reaction after posing for a picture together that ended up on Instagram.

Captioning the pic with, "We just gon start keeping quiet," Purpp and Drake kept it casual, giving off a slightly intimidating vibe for the camera while attending what looked to be a party of some sort. There's been no specific I.D. on the location of the event they attended, nor how they managed to link up at some point during the night, but the young Soundcloud graduate seems to have made friends with one of the biggest rappers in the game.

There's a question as to whether or not Smokepurpp would be a collaborator of Drake's musically and, if he was, what their joint track would sound like. It's no secret that Drizzy has some new music on the way (he's teased it multiple times himself), but with the Toronto native holding down a spot as one of the biggest draws in mainstream radio, there's no telling if Purpp would be too eclectic a choice as a feature. However, Drake pretty well calls his own shots, especially within the OVO pantheon, so anything is theoretically possible.

Update: Looks like Smokepurpp wanted us to keep things a bit more on the down-low:

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