Drake and Future successfully created a moment with What A Time To Be Alive, successfully dodging leaks and getting rap fans everywhere tuned in to a a good old-fashioned radio show. Of course, the main difference with doing this in 2015 is the project could instantly be discussed on a major scale, with fans everywhere tweeting out lyrics as they happened.

Amidst the diamond emojis, you probably caught plenty of name drops in the lines highlighted on the project. Combing through it a couple of days later, there are a good 27 shout-outs to various athletes, musicians, and close friends throughout the 11-track burst, and we've decided to break them all down for you. (Interestingly, while known for his subliminals, and present for less of the project, it turns out Drake is much more likely to call people by name)

Click through to see the many faces of the people of What A Time To Be Alive