Drake and Funk Flex have been at odds for the better part of the past decade and clearly, they've yet to settle the score. Their entire feud surrounds Drake's pen and whether or not he writes his own lyrics. Surely, it has been proven on numerous occasions that he does but the use of "ghostwriters" has continued to haunt the Canadian rapper to this day.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Things haven't settled between either party just yet, either. As everyone stays inside of their homes, presumably scrolling through the timeline, a few DJs hosted an Instagram Live story to help bring the club to the comfort of everyone's home. DJ Spade and Night Owl Sound were spinning tunes as they hosted an Instagram Live session last night but unlike the actual club, there's no telling who'll be joining forces. Drake and Rihanna were among the guests in the Live session, engaging in banter with one another. 

That's when Funk Flex entered the fray. Though the interaction was kept to a minimum, they made sure to get whatever they had to say off of their chest. Drake swiftly caught Funk Flex in the chat, writing, "Funk Flex guh weh pussy." It appears that Flex got a bit excited when things began to pop off and had to remind Drake that he isn't "hard."

"Drake!!! Talking Tuff!!!! (U ain't tuff n***a)," Flex replied. Clearly the two have no intention of squashing their beef anytime soon. Peep the interaction below.