Despite being out of the music game for some time, Dr. Dre's got quite a bit on his plate. The massive success of Beats By Dre has made him a near-billionaire, but he's still working with Apple to create new ideas, most recently announcing that the Beats streaming service would be re-envisioned and re-launched later this year.

Another project the legendary producer has been overseeing over the last little while is the upcoming N.W.A. biopic, Straight Outta Compton. While the film is set for a 2015 release, we still don't know all that much about it. In a new interview with Big Boy, Dre shared a bit of new info on the film.

On what he wants audiences to take away from the flick, Dre hoped viewers would leave "inspired". "That was the main word that we used when we went into this," he said. "We wanted to show the ultimate brotherhood, betrayal, it has everything. One of the big things was how we feel about women, because there's a big misconception. How much we respect our women, and whatnot... We want to show the heart of the guys, and everything we went through during the creation of the record, and everything we went through before the demise of the group."

Dre later expressed his initial hesitation to doing the film, but revealed that once he felt he had creative control, he was fully on board. "I didn't even want to do the movie at first. I thought it would put a blemish on our legacy," he said. "Once we got in it. It started feeling good. I was on the set everyday, making sure I agreed with everything that was happening.

Watch the interview below.