President Donald Trump's name has been tarnished symbolically again. The former reality television personality's Hollywood Walk of Fame star was vandalized by flagrant haters this week. This time around, it was marked with swastikas and covered in fake blood. Despite the numerous instances of vandalism, law enforcement is not planning on enhancing the location's security, according to TMZ.

LAPD is said to be unable to increase patrol in the area. Due to a lack of human resources, legal authorities cannot justify using more manpower to protect an individual WOF star. A camera has been placed nearby, however, in order to keep tabs on activity surrounding the location. Both vandals who added the latest stylings to the star have been caught on tape as they performed their crimes. TMZ also installed their own surveillance and caught the footage below.

This comes as the latest instance of the honor's defacement. Earlier this year, another vandal took a pickax to the plaque which was later repaired at a great expense. Another person had previously drawn prison bars over it as well. Police will continue their usual patrol and respond to the vandalism according to current procedures. Time will tell if their methods change.