Donald Trump is now cracking the whip even harder than anticipated, saying he'd like to deport border crossers "immediately," as in right on sight. The controversial World leader, currently spending the weekend at his Golf Club in New Jersey, made his feelings known via Twitter in a post where he openly criticized the Democrat's position on border control.

Donald Trump picked apart U.S. law reducing to the "dumbest anywhere in the world." It seems Trump would like to do away with the human rights code which protects against incarceration or immediate displacement. This tweet echoes the sentiment of a Tweet he administered last week in which he claimed illegal immigrants would be turned away "without due process."

In response to the pressure he's faced since writing the family separation policy, Trump signed an executive order allowing children to be detained with their parents. The catch is, children are not legally allowed to be detained longer than 20 days under a 1997 consent decree on immigration. Given the fact, it's unclear how the Trump administration or Congress will proceed. Trump's gripes with reality, and their effect on the human trafficking trade have led to protests in major cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Milwaukee, Denver, Miami, St. Louis, San Francisco and Los Angeles.