Now that America is under control of Donald Trump, things have been changing at an alarming rate. In the past couple of days the President has already signed two executive orders. One that re-instated a pro-life policy and another that revives the Keystone Pipeline rejected by former President Barack Obama.

And though there are a number of new developments trickling in from Trump's administration, it appears the current POTUS decided to cut the middleman out of the picture and give us the news straight from his mouth, and or twitter fingers. In addition to snubbing "Fake News" CNN, Trump tweeted a short series this evening that detailed his big plans for a national security briefing tomorrow and an apparent threat to the city of Chicago. In the tweets below, the President threatens to "send in the feds" if the city of Chicago does not clean up the "carnage" going on there.

While we are unsure what the president means by sending the feds in, could this signal a move by the President to establish a police state in the city of Chicago?

You can check out the tweets and decide for yourself. Stay tuned for more details as they emerge.