After four days of nonstop election coverage, Joe Biden was finally declared the winner of the Presidential Election as the state of Pennsylvania became impossible for the former Vice President to lose. The results have already excited those who opposed President Trump who is one of the most divisive politicians in the history of the United States. Now, will have to transfer the power over to Biden in a peaceful manner although for now, it seems like he is more concerned with upcoming legal battles.

In fact, it seems as though Trump only found out about his big loss on the golf course, where he looked to escape all of the noise of the election. Trump has always been an avid golfer so a trip such as this one should not come as a surprise. Regardless, it's quite clear that everything was starting to stress him out.

Moving forward, Trump is not expected to concede the election as he has constantly signalled he fully plans on going to the Supreme Court to dispute the results. As it stands, there is no real evidence of voter fraud and any irregularities in the system have already been dealt with by state officials.

Over the coming weeks, Trump's next steps as the outgoing President will be interesting to track.

Donald Trump

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images