We witnessed a beautiful memorial service for the late Earl "DMX" Simmons this weekend, which was broadcast from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. There were amazing performances planned by Kanye West and the Sunday Service choir, as well as plenty of other artists who shared moments in DMX's legendary career. There were also touching speeches from members of Simmons' family and his close friends.

Unfortunately, one of the rapper's closest buddies from the last twenty years, Jungle, was supposedly pretty upset that he was not invited to speak in front of the crowd of thousands so he took matters upon himself and stepped onto the stage to address the masses. Jungle interrupted the flow of the memorial, upsetting many in attendance, including Pastor AR Bernard, who kicked the man off stage.

ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Right when he began introducing a story that he wanted to tell the crowd, which he never got to conclude, Jungle was interrupted by Pastor Bernard, who told him that there was order to be maintained. "You violated your respect," chastised the Pastor. "You disrespected my house. You disrespected my house. Regardless of how good you think what you've got to say is. You've disrespected my house. God bless you, my brother."

Jungle was quickly escorted off of the stage before the memorial service went on as scheduled.

The moment has been often discussed across social media, with some people taking the side of Jungle, a man who has been friends with DMX for over twenty years. Others have backed up the Pastor, explaining that Jungle had no right but to interrupt the process. What do you think? Should Jungle have been allowed to end his story despite the interruption?