At the beginning of the week, DJ Self found himself on the receiving end of a verbal beatdown courtesy of Nicki Minaj. While the one-sided exchange seemed to cast the DJ in a negative light, the circumstances surrounding the whole thing remained unclear. Now, it would appear that DJ Self has addressed Nicki's comments, which have continued to snowball wtth every passing day. 

Complex reports that Self has recently taken to the airwaves to defend his honour. While Nicki certainly painted him in a poor light, the man essentially claimed she had it all wrong. “Last night, Nicki Minaj came to the radio station to visit DJ Clue. I felt that it was some weird vibes between DJ Self, me, and Nicki Minaj,” he reportedly said. “Because a while ago on the blogs they were like 'Nicki Minaj unfollows DJ Self,' and I found that weird because I don't have any relationship with her at all.”

The report continues, essentially transcribed from Self's broadcast. "Later on that night she started to tweet a lot of lies, saying ‘hey I’m going to tell the people about the conversation you had about her,'” he says. “We never had no conversations ever at all. It fell in line with her other lies about me asking her for a hug and asking her for a drop.” He also admits that he doesn't see himself "winning" this particular battle, given the disparity in fanbases; that hasn't changed his outlook. "Tri-State, listen to this: I never had a conversation with her about any female rapper, I never asked her for a drop, I never asked her for a hug, and still to this day I do not know what her issue is with me."

For those who haven't been following the sheer fuckery of the exchange, consider catching up with how it all popped off by hitting the original report here.