Social media is used differently by everybody. While some use it to the bare minimum, others like to document every aspect of their daily lives. DJ Khaled fits into the latter category as he can be seen updating his Snapchat story multiple times throughout the day. While the medium itself has somewhat died down since its peak, Khaled is still capitalizing on his viral personality to deliver meme-worthy moments on his story nearly on a daily basis. Yesterday, he tried to motivate his wife, Nicole Tuck, while she worked out with a trainer, only for her to hilariously curse him out. Today, he attempted once again to a very similar response.

While Nicole's response was not as savage as her "Khaled, shut the fuck up. I ain't like you! I don't need you in the background talking shit at me to work out" from yesterday, she still went in. Khaled's wife was practicing yoga, likely putting in a more serene mindset than boxing training yesterday, but she still went off on her husband for talking more shit. Khaled encouraged her by saying, "It's all about meditation. Get that yoga in. You supposed to relax when you do yoga," and was met with a similar reply. Nicole simply said, "I can't. How about you shut up? Jesus Christ..."

Khaled may need to take the hint soon because his wife is absolutely not afraid to speak up and she is not putting up with his nonsense.