Disney is banning advertisements from Netflix on all of its TV Networks expect for ESPN, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Decision comes during the final month before the release of their new streaming service, Disney+, in November. The report comes from sources “familiar with the situation.”

The WSJ also is reporting that Disney considered banning all advertisements for other streaming competitors but decided against it. Amazon Prime Video, for example, would have been included. The WSJ is also reporting this week that said Amazon and Disney are working through terms that would allow Amazon to buy “a substantial percentage of the ad space” on Disney apps. 

The WSJ explains that this move is unusual for streaming services and may mark a shift in the industry, “...broadcasters have generally allowed streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to advertise, even when it became clear they were luring away viewers.”

A subscription to Disney+ will cost as little as $6.99 and provide a slew of original content as well as access to Disney owned content such as the Marvel and Star Wars franchises. There are also bundle deals available that include ESPN+ and Hulu.

Netflix declined to comment.