The internet runs rampant with discussions on the current climate of hip-hop culture. Where it is, where it was, where it's going. Each year brings a new wave of artists, ushers in new trends, and ultimately changes the soundscape and landscape altogether. It's only natural for the genre to evolve, yet, even with its constant evolution, we can't forget where it came from and how it started. There are select OGs within the genre that have made it their mission to educate, T.I. high among them.

A respected pioneer of the Trap music genre, and, according to himself, the inventor of it, Tip has taken the title of 'OG' to new lengths in the past year, using his platform not only to share injustices from across society but to ensure and uphold certain legacies within the genre. His insights on his early days of drug-dealing and, later, his unrelenting stake in the community that raised him, are shared in our brand new digital cover story. This story gives you a peak into how T.I.'s mind works, and it's very much all about the bigger picture.

Yesterday, we released our first-ever documentary (watch above), with T.I. providing narration. Today, that story continues to unfold with even more details in our digital cover.

Words by: Mitch Findlay

Photos by: Emilio Sanchez