It's Snow season, almost quite literally, but even though we're not officially there yet weather-wise, we are there when it comes to one of the original Atlanta trap boys, Jeezy

The OG rapper dropped his latest album, Trap or Die 3, on Friday, which was a return to his fan-favorite mixtapes series, only this time, a commercial release. Despite that fact, Jeezy looked to deliver the same gritty quality of music, only with all the trappings of a proper studio album (even though it sounds like his recording place for ToD 3 was more like a studio he would have used during his hustling youth-- you'll have to wait for our full digital cover story to drop to find out more on that).

For our new digital cover story, we spoke with Jeezy on his iconic series and the final instalment of the series, Trap or Die 3, as well as his Atlanta homebase and the influence and connection he has there-- especially when it comes to few fallen Atlanta rappers.