Apparently things were lit at Diddy's Miami mansion last night, where the music mogul hosted a New Year's Eve party littered with all types of celebrities, and a few non-celebrities too. Among the latter category, there is one girl who turnt up a little too much and found herself lying amongst the coats.

We already got to see some photos from the party, which included guests Travis Scott, DJ Khaled, G-Eazy and more, but here's another look inside the event thanks to footage from TMZ. In the video clip that's circulating online, we get a glance at an overly-drunk lady who is passed out on a couch. Diddy walks by and seems to notice her, and ends up doing a double take, circling back to help out the girl and ensure she's okay. Diddy was able to wake her out of her drunken stupor, and appeared to help her up before the camera cuts out.

Check out the video clip below. Apart from a drunk girl (which is the norm for New Year's Eve, really), it sounds like overall Diddy hosted a very successful party. It even included a special announcement for Revolt TV.