Diddy's daughter Chance Combs ain't so little anymore since she just turned 13-years-old this past weekend. The oldest of the Diddy's daughters celebrated with her brothers, sisters and parents by her side as they headed to Disneyland for a day full of rides, smiles, balloons and cake. 


Chance's mother is Sarah Chapman and is someone who was equally as hurt by the sudden loss of Kim Porter, the mother of Chance's half siblings. “A mother’s love…nothing like it,” Sarah wrote in tribute to Diddy's first true love. “Rest in paradise Kim, and know your kids are covered in prayer and love. Your light will always shine thru your children and the way they all love each other is a blessing beyond words.”


"Before this, I was a part-time father, you know?” Diddy said of Kim's passing. “My family was always first, but there are countless times when I chose work over everything else. But every day I can hear her telling me to go and spend some time with the kids and make sure everybody’s all right, like she would do. I’m just a lot more present, and, most important, now my kids come before anything else in my life.”