There have been some rumors circulating that Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle are expecting a child together, and while London has denied the reports, T.I. has managed to bring the whole thing up again. Speaking on the upcoming film, ATL 2, Tip accidentally suggested the reason for the film's delay was due to Lauren's pregnancy.

"We working on it presently. We got a couple of obstacles in our way," he told HOT 107.7 Detroit. "My little sis, she's about to have a baby ... So we gon' have to let her get that time out of her system and you know, when she's back in new, new shape we'll be ready to roll."

When the hosts pointed out that he'd potentially broken the news, he walked back the comment, laughing as if he knew he'd let the cat out of the bag. Some have pointed out that London's latest Instagram post -- a photo of Eva Mendez -- is her way of hinting that the rumors are true, due to Mendez recently giving birth herself, but that one seems like a bit of a stretch.

Watch Tip's interview below. The remarks in question come at 9:10.